Paragliding and Hang Gliding

Paragliding in Barberton from Lone Tree Hill

A popular launch site is Lone Tree Hill (GPS: 25°48'06.66"S-31°03'21.70"E) (Elevation: 1285M), just outside of Barberton Town (3Km). It actually overlooks the Town. After soaring, landing is at the local Golf Course (3,5km from lone tree hill). Close to all amenities and accommodation. Thermal conditions allow for perfect flying in mainly winter, when a north easterly is the prevailing wind. The annual competition takes place in June and enjoyed by over a hundred pilots. The record distance flown by a pilot (Jack Coetzee) from Barberton is Carolina. Not a beginner’s site. A gate key is required to get access to Lone Tree Hill. It is obtained from the Information Centre and a deposit is charged for the key. The deposit is refunded when the key is returned. Information Centre is located at Market Square Crown street next to the Victorian tea Garden. (GPS: 25°47'26.30"S-31°03'19.16"E). The turn off to Lone Tree from Crown Street (GPS: 25°47'51.47"S-31°02'10.84"E) on to a gravel road as indicated by SAPPI (LEFPA) forestry and Berghuis signs. >> Aerial view-Map

Also popular with Hang Gliders.

Hang Gliding in Barberton

Launch Site Lone Tree Hill Barberton.

Gliding Lone Tree Hill Launch Site

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